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We are a team of book lovers who help aspiring authors complete their book-writing journey.

We have written more than 50 books in past few years. We have covered, almost, all genres: Fiction, Biographies, Business Books, Self-Help Books, and many more. Ours has been a journey of excitement and a lot of learning. During the book writing projects, we have met some really exciting people and made friends for life time.   

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What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is an agreement where you hire a professional writer to help you write your book annonysmely. A ghostwriter is someone who has years of experience in the writing field. In most cases, people from journalism, public relations and, academics go on to become professional ghostwriters. Hiring a ghostwriter means different things to different people. Some are looking to outsource the complete project and don’t want any involvement during the process. At the same time, some are only looking for a guidance and want help with improving the plot or coming up with new ideas. Every ghostwriting project is unique and demands different skill sets. 



What We Write


Our writers are well versed in the art of creative fiction writing. All of our writers have either studied literature or working as professional novel writers. Writing fiction requires a special writing skill set and a knack for seeing the things from different perspectives. We provide a team of professorial fiction writers that can write anything from science-fiction, magic-realism, thrillers, mythology related fiction, etc.


If you are from academia, writing books and papers is probably the easiest way to move up in your profession. At the same time, like all working professionals, people working in academic field also suffer from the lack of time. To overcome this, we partner up with PhD graduates and research scholars to help academic professionals. We have written books for colleges, university, schools, and individuals.


If you are a politician and want to rise up the ranks or increase your profile, writing a book about something you deeply care about is the sure shot way to do it. As an active politician, we know how hectic your schedule is. That`s why we do everything for you: idea formulation, research, book structure, writing, editing, proofreading.


Self help genre has boomed in the last few years. We believe everyone has the potential to bring something new to the table. It`s just that most of us are not equipped with required writing skills.That`s where we come to your help. You pick a self-help topic you are interested in and will make sure your ideas take the form of a brilliantly written book.


We have had the most fun and met some really interesting people while working on biographies. Writing a biography is a tricky business. A biography should be able to tell a person`s life stories. But at the same time, it must entertain people. No one wants to read a boring story, no matter how popular or successful you are.


If you are a busy executive or an entrepreneur, writing a business book about your niche can improve your reputation and brand value by a great margin. We hire domain based writers based on the project. We have written on topics like artificial intelligence, business marketing, social media, psychology, yoga etc.

Our Writing Process

We follow a very simple writing process for all our clients. Everything is designed to make the writing journey as smooth as possible.We follow a very simple writing process for all our clients. Everything is designed to make the writing journey as smooth as possible.

Short Sample

In the beginning, we write a short intro close to a thousand words and share that with you. We demand from you to be as honest as possible and give your brutally honest feedback. This helps us get a sense of your taste and expectations.

Constant Feedback

We give you regular updates twice a week and share the progress. We constantly ask for your opinion and encourage you to give detailed and written feedback. This helps us to sustain your voice and personality while writing the book.

First Draft

We share the complete first draft without any editing and proofreading. First, we encourage you to read the full manuscript and give your first thoughts on the book. Then comes the editing and proofreading stage.

Editing & Proofreading

Once you are fully satisfied with the plot, character, story and language, we start the editing and proofreading process. Though we have highly experienced editors, we always recommend hiring an external editor. In most cases, your publishing agency will provide you with one

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Client Testimonials

What our happy clients and authors say about us….

My brother and I lost our father because of cancer few years back. We always wanted to write a book honoring our father but we weren`t able to because of lack of time. We met Aakash for a completely different project but ended up hiring him to write our book. The process was long, tiring and time consuming, but we managed to write a book we always wanted to. I highly recommend him for anyone who wants to work with a passionate and talented young writer.


Although I never met Mohit and his team face to face, I loved working with them by phone and over email communication for a few months. A friend referred Mohit to me to help me implementing the book that I was about to release in a few months. Mohit and his entire team are very professional, pleasant to work with, and persistent in keeping me and my project on time and on budget. There is no way that I could have accomplished this overwhelming project without their help. His team was careful with detail, artful in their creative ability to make suggestions to me, and assisted in the processes of the storyline. If anyone wants a book written then I recommend these guys highly enough



Ever since I remember I have always wanted to write a sports novel which follows the journey
of a passionate fan who gets engulfed in a conspiracy. I wasn’t able to break through a compelling narrative which could suit the plot so I ended up contacting Aakash to take the book forward. He wrote a very mature and gripping book which was very well received by the media and the critics. If anyone wishes to hire a very talented and dedicated writer you should definitely work with Your Ghost Writer team.


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