Is Ghostwriting Ethical?

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Ghostwriting is everywhere. So, what it is?

When you ghostwrite, you let someone else put their name on your work. Typically, the person who commissions the work will own the copyright. A ghostwriter is hired to write various types of texts like literary work, political speeches, journalistic work, and others that are officially credited to another author.

Ghostwriting has become more popular and better understood in recent times.

In 2019, people are writing more and more books on travel, autobiographies, DIY books, business e-books, and on many other topics.

In most cases, ghostwriting clients are smart, creative, intelligent business executives or entrepreneurs.

They, more often than not, know what they want to say in their books. They have a fair idea of their book not only concerning the content of the book but also in the desired impact and emotions.

All that is lacking, in most cases, is writing skills and sometimes they don’t have time, energy or focus to sit and write a 50,000 words book. The work of a ghostwriter is to develop tone, structure and deepen and enhance the meaning of what was already there. 

This puts them in a gray zone when it comes to getting the credit of their written work. Ghostwriters are usually thanked in the acknowledgments. They are in the business of human creative expression: the business of transmitting emotions, information, and inspiration in a more professional and erudite manner.And if that is unethical then most of the famous politicians, authors, filmmakers, or performers are guilty of being unethical too. Because the content is all there, only the form is missing which ultimately decided if the final product is presentable or not.

There is nothing illegal or immoral about ghostwriting. It’s the simple act of hiring a professional writer or an editor to do the work for you.

A client supplies the original ideas and/or original writing, the ghostwriter simply writes or rewrites your words into more professional and presentable manner depending upon the amount you have paid him/her.

An Ages-old Profession

Ghostwriting is a profession that dates back to centuries.

Best examples are speeches gwwritten for American president George Washington or if the works of Shakespeare were ghostwritten (conspiracy theories run amok).  

As long as two individuals are willing to enter into a contractual agreement where one provides the raw material and gets the credit and the other does the work and receive a mutually decided payment, ghostwriting should be considered as a talent of shaping the other person’s voice and ideas into words. It’s a legitimate means to earn an honest living.

So, for anyone who still continues to wonder, the answer to the question is YES. 


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