What makes human beings happy is the question I ask myself daily. And I am not talking about some vague notion of happiness but a real and long-lasting feeling of happiness. The kind which inspires us to get up daily and go to work without feeling frustrated. The kind which motivates us to study harder. The kind which moves us to treat others nicely and cherish our relationships.

This is something which keeps me awake at nights wondering how to pass on the knowledge I have to the younger minds. I have had the good fortune of meeting and working closely with so many wonderful teachers and mentors which helped me gain insights into the problems faced by human beings and come up with real, practical solutions and that is the objective of this book.

I want to give everyone the real, straight-forward, practical, personal-experience-based solutions to help them find the real happiness in their lives. For sure, happiness has different meaning for different people. Some want money. Yet others long for a life full of love and peace. I can only speak for myself, I feel happy when I am helping others; listening to stories of good deeds and empathy fills me up with joy and hope. But you are free to choose your means of happiness and joy.

As the His Holiness Dalai Lama said, in the book, ‘The Art of Joy,’ “ From the moment of birth, every human being wants to discover happiness and avoid suffering.” No truer words have ever been spoken. His Holiness is someone I greatly admire and have had the great pleasure of meeting on numerous occasions. He is one of the happiest persons I have ever met despite all the hardships he's gone through in his life.

There is a lesson to be learned here: We may have thousand reasons for not smiling; for not being happy; for not treating people nicely in our lives; but we only need that one reason to wake up every day and be kind to each other: spreading happiness and joy all around us. The reason is you. Your happiness. Your life. You are responsible for everything that happens in your life. We may face some difficulties, some hardships, in our lives, and some are worse than others, but we need to pull ourselves up and face everything for our own happiness and everyone's around us.

As the great butler Alfred once said, “Why do we fall master Wayne?”

“So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

In subsequent chapters, I will give you 7 life lessons for 7 different life problems. All simple yet effective. All the great answers lie within ourselves. I see unhappy young people all around me, their minds thinking too much about past and future, ignoring the present. I will share my thoughts with you to set your mind on the right path, the path of happiness and success. These ideas will give you the strength to achieve all that you want in your life: financial success, emotional stability, romantic companionship, and all that you desire.

Let me warn you though, I don't have a magic bullet for you. There are no shortcuts, no quick fixes. What I have is the knowledge to make you aware of who you are and who you are supposed to be. I will bring forth your strengths and weaknesses. We will work together to improve on your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses. Let's start this beautiful journey together and achieve and be what you`ve always wanted to.

This small e-book is designed to be a quick guide for our youth helping them to find the real path to true happiness and long lasting success. I have divided the book in 7 chapters, Secrets, as I like to call them, revealing the real meaning of life, providing practical solutions, and explaining both the science and mystic to use these tools. For the ease of my readers, I have used real life scenarios for proving the usefulness of my tools and solutions.

Each chapter talks about a certain element present in our lives. These elements define who we are. They help us take hard decisions; prioritise people and situations in our lives, give us strength for facing hardships. In short, if aligned properly and used wisely, these elements are our biggest strengths. But the irony, in our schools and colleges, we are taught everything but for one, the single most important part of our life: how to be happy? The result: We end up ruining our inner elements and worry about things that don`t matter in our life.

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