What is Ghostwriter?

What is ghostwriting

A ghostwriter is like a holy spirit who not only fills you with the right wisdom to overcome your writer’s block but also enables you to write things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do on your own.

So, it`s is wiser to hire a ‘ghost’ to do the ‘write’ things.

Defining a ghostwriter!

A ghostwriter is hired for her quality of written work and not necessarily for her name on the work that they do. A ghostwriter can be hired to write literary or journalistic work, political speeches or other texts that are officially credited to someone else – the one who commissions the work.

Ghostwriters are usually hired by someone who has an important story to tell but does not possess the writing skills or have time to sit down and write a lengthy book. 

Ghostwriters are the unsung heroes behind thousands of best-selling books, research papers, political speeches, famous blogs, autobiographies, and many more. Ghostwriters rarely get credited for their work, but once a while, their names are mentioned in acknowledgment section or as co-authors.

Trusting a ghostwriter

Ghostwriters are bound by with/by confidentiality clauses (Non Disclosure Agreements) that prevents them from revealing the details about the books that they have written or will write. It all depends upon the contract that is signed between a ghostwriter and the client.

Most ghostwriters accept the work with a signed contract and start the work from the beginning till the end. In some cases, depending upon the mutual agreement between a ghostwriter and the client, some writers also accept unfinished manuscripts and work with the autor to finish the missing parts.

Such jobs require a mix of developmental editing and ghostwriting which can be more time consuming for the ghostwriter. The process becomes longer and requires more back and forth before producing the final manuscript.

Communication between the client and the ghostwriter

The entire ghostwriting process rests on keeping an open and honest communication between the author and the ghostwriter. It helps the both the parties to be on the same page and help each other to achieve the goal.Like all other professionals in the market, ghostwriters also have to sign a contract which makes them more trustworthy and accountable. The contract can have many clauses depending upon the mutual understanding between both the parties, but there are 4 major clauses that every ghostwriting contract must have:

1. Confidentiality Clause (Non Disclosure Agreement);

2. Copyright Clause (who owns the final manuscript);

3. Payment and Royalties Clause ( Method and time);

4. Termination Clause (in case of a disagreement).

Anyone who is thinking to hire a ghostwriter must be able to trust her. In the same way you tell everything to your lawyer or doctor, a ghostwriter also demands such honesty. The job of a ghostwriter is to write using your imagination, insights, experience and knowledge, and you, as someone who wants to hire a ghost, need to be fully involved in the creative process.

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